Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Most Popular 1920s Dresses

1920s style dresses can still be seen on clothing racks today, characterized by no waist, or drop waist and asymmetrical hemlines to name a few. Overall, dresses of the 1920's carried the free-form look. This is true for both day and evening 1920s Dresses . The most popular fabrics came from the Orient and were very decorative. Of course, there were many other worldwide sources as well.

Some may ask what inspired these designs. They are surprised to learn that it was a combination of the many new dances requiring the wearer to be able to move freely on the dance floor, as well as the need for women to be comfortable at work.

Below are just a few of the most popular 1920s dresses styles. Think "The Great Gatsby," or rent the movie! You'll quickly get an idea of the most popular dress types of this era.

The Bias Cut 

This dress style was famous for its 45-degree angle cut at the major seams. This styling allowed the fabric to drape beautifully in folds and show off the woman's shapes and contours. This style of dress was extremely easy to wear, allowing women to comfortably wear it to work during the day and smoothly transition to dancing the night away at a speakeasy blaring the charlston.

Flapper Dress 

Many of the Flapper dress as the iconic style of 1920's. Some popular brands included:

• Chanel
• Molyneux
• Paquin
The Flapper look has been a popular choice for many attending 1920's themed parties as it was considered the look of the decade. It featured a silhouette that was tubular with a low waistline, also known as a drop-waist. Dresses were often backless and today would be referred to as a chemise - which is a term widely used for lingerie.

The hemline falling below the knee was preferred by most women of the era. The dresses flowed beautifully against their legs as the fabric was airy and light, and the bead work tended to keep it in place just enough. Chiffon, silk, taffeta and even velvet were common fabrics for the Flapper dress.


Finally, the tabard-style dress was more of a straight style that featured inserts in the sides and a low back. Some had very thin straps upon the shoulders just for support. Then a feathered boa or shawl was draped over the shoulders. Some of these dresses even featured intricate beading making them perfect for evening wear.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Finest Designer Rings for Slimmest Fingers

     Along with the summer has arrived the season of late night parties. People are all excited and ready to welcome it wholeheartedly. Men and women alike will go and do some outdoor shopping to stack up the empty wardrobes. While some are busy in ordering dresses and clothes for themselves from online shopping centers like Kaymu  Philippines, others have to worry about the necessary accessories. Women in particular have an arduoustasks to gather and buy the most appropriate and latest jewellery from the market. For that they heavily rely not only on the online shopping websites like Zoey.ph etc. but also on the designer’s online stores where they present some of the samples of their latest collections.

     For each accessory, there is a plethora of collection. From bracelets to necklaces, to clutches and rings, every item needs special scrutiny before finally being adorned. So, what rings are out in the market for ladies? Rings that glam up the slender gnarled hands of elegant women. Fret not as we bring you some suggestions that can totally emblaze your summer vacations.

Floral & Enamel Rings by Gucci

     Gucci, the famous Italian brand for luxury goods and accessories, is now in possession of some very decent and outstanding rings. Rings that are perfect not only for some upbeat parties but also for the tranquil dim-lighted dinners. 
Above is a flora ring in a rose gold, which seems to be made for some crimson or scarlet gowns. Just look close the enamel painted butterfly, which gives it a seasonal impact as well.Absolutely fantastic to wear it in spring and summer seasons. 

White Gold and Diamond Flora Rings

     For those who are planning to wear some short skirt while showing their bodice as well, definitely need to adorn their hands with small shiny rings. Nothing could do better than a piece of white gold or diamond shining high.

This above Gucci flora ring having a skull studded with sapphires, diamonds and white gold isan ideal deal for those who intend to wear some light colors over the summer season. 


     Chopard, which is a prominent name in the books of women’s jewellery and other luxury goods’ manufacturers. They too, have some classic rings in their store these days. Have a look at this Imperiale cocktail ring. The ring, which has 18-carat gold and other gems studded into it can literally go well on any finger. In fact this could make a nice engagement ring as well. Its large cushion-cut amethyst is nicely engraved in the golden ring. Following is a small sketch, which shows how it looks while wearing.
     Other collection from the house of Chopard includes some Happy Bubbles rings and Happy Curves Ring etc. Each of them giving desirable flair to the women’s outfits and outlook. So, grab your credit cards and buckle up to do some rings shopping this summer.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Going Silver - Bellast Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection 2014

I can't say silver is the new gold. Nevertheless, silver is eternal.

The pieces I received from Bellast.com are all so stunningly gorgeous! 

Bellast Silver Jewelry 2014

Cheap Diamond Ring - Bellast

Looking like a millionaire in this gorgeous sterling silver ring! Intricate detailing shaped like a sunflower and oooh so sparkly!

Cheap Diamond Ring - Carla Cee

Bellast Silver Jewelry - Diamond Ring

A silver necklace says it all!

Cheap Silver Heart Necklace

Bellast Silver Jewelry - Heart Necklace
              Accessorize your way through 2014. Enrich your looks with something shimmering to jazz up the day. Stunning sterling silver jewelry that are affordable yet gorgeous to improve your style without compromising your budget. With your stable job and hectic career reward yourself with delights of silver and enchanted dazzling pieces! *wink* 

            Thoughts: Bellast Jewelry delivery took a month to reach the post office, the pieces are individually placed in plastic container with the item number and are placed in the usual bubble wrap packaging. Rest assured the pieces are good quality, you can have unlimited choices with their wide array of supplies, cheap and reliable service. 

            Have a lovely day ladies and gentlemen (you might want to give her some sparklies)!!! A little something to spend for some hearts to cheer! TTYS! 
Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring (here)
      Sterling Silver Dangling Couple Heart Necklace (here)

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Watch Buyers Group - Reward your Hardwork

Show pride in your success with classy accouterments.

         It’s not nice to be boastful.  If you show too much pride in your success, people will start to resent you, but if you show no pride, people won’t respect you at all.  It’s a fine line to walk to exude the appropriate amount of strut, but if you’ve worked hard and been fortunate enough to achieve an element of success that allows you certain comforts in life, you deserve to show off.  A little.  The trick is to find an elegant way to draw attention to yourself, without drawing attention to yourself. 

Get an impeccable suit

         Impeccable and loud are mutually exclusive, so don’t misunderstand me.  The most expensive suit is rarely the classiest, but the classiest suit certainly will cost you a pretty penny.  For those of us who have worked hard to achieve our success, the perfect suit is an appropriate accouterment to our mindset, to our drive and our ambition.  When I wear one of my two favorite suits, I immediately feel more successful and more confidant, which in turn draws people to me and contributes to my success.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The most important step in the process of procuring the right suit, is the tailoring.  Please don’t arrive at a suit store and just walk away without trying it on.  Yes, I realize that trying on clothes is about as desirable as a shark attack, but the smallest shifts in measurement will make or break how you look in your new suit.  Do yourself a favor and get a professional to make it perfect.

The Watch Buyers Group - Suit

A Rolex

          It is part mechanical ingenuity, part breathtaking jewelry, and all a symbol of tact and success.  And it all fits right around your wrist.  Rolex watches have been the absolute standard in timepieces since before your grandfather was born back in the old country.  This long history of perfectionism has instilled a priceless amount of pride and individuality in every single watch.  Also, they are designed for both men and women and will make anyone feel at the top of his game.  To don a Rolex watch is to give yourself a promotion, it is the three piece suit for your hand, it is the emotional support staff that will allow you to walk into that pitch meeting and have your entire audience teetering at the edge of their seats.  If the idea of this is whetting your appetite, check out the watch of your dreams at rolex watch repair los angeles or rolex repair los angeles and be prepared to get inspired. 

The Watch Buyers Group - Rolex

A briefcase

         Not just any briefcase.  Allow yourself to be at your best with an all leather, well made briefcase.  I like one with a shoulder strap rather than a handle, but there are so many options to choose from in a briefcase that you should really do some perusing yourself.  However, any great business bag is a perfect accouterment for the workplace.
The Watch Buyers Group - Briefcase

 The Watch Buyers Group

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Sunday, January 5, 2014


I've never thought ever in my life that I will have blue eyes but then again I was wrong.

In this post I will show you a pair of circle lenses I got from Solution-Lens.

Solution-lens.com is based in Belgium and have a branch in Thailand. 

Diameter 14.5 mm
Water content 38%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

Let's proceed with the pictures:
Here's how the packaging looked like directly from the mail. They put cute stickers on the envelope which is always nice and cute!


The contents taken out from the mail envelopr/package

 Inside the bubble wrap is a little box, a cute pair of earrings, lens case and bubble wrap of contact lense bottle


 The lenses in their container vials

To much excitement for these when they arrived.


The cap indicating the color and the power of the lenses.


 Your overall opinion about the store |  Solution Lens is a top supplier for quality lenses, service is very nice and fast plus freebies in every package, overall all excellent experience! The vials containing the lenses is wrapped with bubble warp and bamboo box. And I got a free pink pen and a pair of cute earrings! Due to technical problems I can't show you photos of me wearing the lenses. Thanks to Solution-Lens for sending me this. :)

Want this too? Buy it here.
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