Sunday, January 5, 2014


I've never thought ever in my life that I will have blue eyes but then again I was wrong.

In this post I will show you a pair of circle lenses I got from Solution-Lens. is based in Belgium and have a branch in Thailand. 

Diameter 14.5 mm
Water content 38%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
Packaged in sterile buffered saline
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
Buy without prescription
Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

Let's proceed with the pictures:
Here's how the packaging looked like directly from the mail. They put cute stickers on the envelope which is always nice and cute!


The contents taken out from the mail envelopr/package

 Inside the bubble wrap is a little box, a cute pair of earrings, lens case and bubble wrap of contact lense bottle


 The lenses in their container vials

To much excitement for these when they arrived.


The cap indicating the color and the power of the lenses.


 Your overall opinion about the store |  Solution Lens is a top supplier for quality lenses, service is very nice and fast plus freebies in every package, overall all excellent experience! The vials containing the lenses is wrapped with bubble warp and bamboo box. And I got a free pink pen and a pair of cute earrings! Due to technical problems I can't show you photos of me wearing the lenses. Thanks to Solution-Lens for sending me this. :)

Want this too? Buy it here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's Dine! ft. Niners (9rs) Iligan


Photography: Carla Cee *wink*
Model/MUA: Brice Serquina (Potpourri)

I have to say I love Cafes and Restaurants but its very seldom for me to go to these places well at least not yet. There is a certain vibe to these places that I really adore. The designs are carefully thought of, vintage pieces, classic touches, the aroma, its fabulous furniture, the lighting, the overall energy you get, its very liberating almost like a natural high.

Niners Tibanga Iligan
Location: NINERS (9rs) Iligan - San Miguel, Iligan City

(Note: This is an artistic collaboration between two people. The girl in the photo is Ms. Brice Serquina. The blogger Carla Cee plays as the photographer.)


NinersIligan BriceSerquina

It's the perfect combination that makes a set of clothes work. Brice is wearing this lovely top with prints that looks so effortlessly classy. She instantly looks very 'managerial' I say, very formal and presentable. She chose blue jeans that hug her skinny legs very well.

Niners Restaurant Iligan City

Collab 1
Collab 2

We had lasagna and meatballs. The lasagna is very savory to the point where its too good, its always nice. The meatballs are mouth watering too except that I want more sweetness from it which is how Philippine Spaghetti is like, this one is based on European/American parameters which is good nonetheless. Sorry to make your stomachs complain, mine too whilst writing this. *high five* 

Food lovers are the best people they say, I can see why, every time you eat is an experience, an appreciation of life. I must be one of them the moment I can afford to. 

Cheers to food!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Lovely Afternoon with Brice



A Lovely Afternoon with Brice

Photography: Carla Cee *wink*
Model/MUA: Brice Serquina (Potpourri)

Hello Y'all! I'M BACK from the dead with the strongest intentions ever! I will hopefully have a day job soon and if that happens it'll be by far one of the best things that happened this year. I will be affiliated with Coca-Cola in case you're wondering what job I will have. Wish me luck? :)

My friend Brice and I had a series of photoshoots done while she's having her short vacation. Brice is a student of Medicine which means she's so busy and to have this chance to work with her again is just so wonderful! This is not the first time you'll see her in the blog, we've done a photoshoot before, see this post. I secretly am jealous with Brice's model-esque body, it's just so easy to dress her!

Hope you enjoy the photos as we did have a lot of fun shooting these. I miss you all so much and I hope I'll continue posting regularly. Did you even miss me my dearest readers?

Love from me. <3 Til my next post...

Monday, September 16, 2013

3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl

          I received this 3D Glasses from Ingri:Dahl a few weeks back. This particular style was called Popcorn Glasses (how cute)! They are these cute black sunglasses. I love that Ingri:Dahl made them 2 in 1, they serve primarily as 3D glasses for 3D movies or 3D TV and a trendy & fashionable regular sunglasses on its own. Ingri:Dahl ships worldwide so no need to worry about shipping! :) 

            The glasses are very convenient especially if you are the "techie" kind of person and you own a 3D TV in your AV room (posh!). It is just too fun of a thought that the regular 3D Glasses on cinemas have their fashionable version by Ingri:Dahl.

                                                3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl - For 3D Movies and 3D TV - Affordable and Cool

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses

IngriDahl 3D Glasses Review
About Ingri:Dahl: 

                    INGRI:DAHL is a Norwegian label based in Los Angeles that provides moviegoers with stylish alternatives to the cheap, ill-fitting 3D glasses handed to them upon entering the movie theater. We launched in 2011 and received worldwide recognition for our 3D glasses inspired by classic Hollywood designs. With INGRI:DAHL designer glasses you don’t have to sacrifice your style at the movie theater or in front of your 3D TV!  

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses for 3D Movies

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses Review

                                                 "These glasses were featured at The World Premiere of the Great Gatsby 3D Film ." -Ingri:Dahl

IngriDahl Fashionable 3D Glasses

IngriDahl Fashionable 3D Sunglasses

This black popcorn sunglasses is just one of the many trendy ones you can choose in their line. These 3D Sunglasses comes in almost all colors as well! Overall, I love how usable this pair of glasses are! Not to mention, they're so stylish!

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses for 3D TV

         Did you notice the photos above? They were kind of not coherent-ish? Well, I am a girl and I can't choose with my filters. So, yeah. This sunglasses are just so versatile! Thanks to Ingri:Dahl for sending me these, I now a new fave from my collection! :)

                                            3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl - For 3D Movies and 3D TV - Affordable and Cool

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Manicure Mondays : Sally Hansen Mix

Little Story:

So I went to a doctor at 4 a.m. or so last Saturday morning all because I can't sleep, I dragged my parents with me. I complained about this feeling where I would stop breathing every time I sleep or try to sleep, it's like I'm in the state of sleep then I woke up instantly grasping for breathe. I haven't slept since 12 midnight. The doctor said anxiety and probably coffee, I had ECG done and they checked my vitals, it was all good like a normal, healthy person. There was a lot on my mind that time, everything rushed in and I can't concentrate on sleeping, well I guess I'm just all stressed out. I am freaked by what happened and I am not drinking coffee for now. I am trying things to have full control on my heart again, I have been eating a lot and I try to jog at least 5 minutes twice a day. When life hits you in the face, you just react differently and wisely, it's crazy!!! My baby loves try not to be hard on yourselves and always look at the brighter side okay? I don't want you to experience what happened to me. I am now fine and trying to get back to normal, I'm all good. 

Let's get crackin'


Ever since I bought this baby, it has been an instant favorite! I love grey shirts and this steely greyish polish is all the same. You've seen me wear this quite a lot and now it deserves to be in the spotlight!

How it looks when worn:

It looks so not normal to me this shade, its like cement! 
This time I used a different top coat, a new purchase from the same brand.


                   Tadaa! It's the perfect top coat! It is colorless, it is fast drying, it's our best friend!


Sally Hansen Steely Glaze Review

Voila! Shiny metallic-ish nails!

Products used: 
Sally Hansen Nail Polish (Steely Glaze)
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (01 Clearly Quick)
You can buy these, here.

Any tea recommendations please? Leave 'em in the comments, its too cold every morning and I can't drink coffee, I'm dying.

Thanks for taking the time to be a part of Manicure Mondays! 
Have fun this week and smile always. *wink*

Thanks for reading!

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