Saturday, December 24, 2011

Life, recently...

Recently, Ive been busy because of school activities and LIFE. Here are some shots:
1. Ice Cream with friends (I want to try Cornetto Disk)
2. There's a Christmas Village in school, which s really cool.

3. There was a pageant in the college and we tend to be assistants. (Me-Yaya and Farlyn-MUA)

4. Our SUPAH-CUTE connector rings. (Me and Joshe)

5. Gifts + Friends = HAPPY

Spread the LOVE, everyone!! Happy Holidays!!

MUM's Beach Party

Mom works for the local government and she takes us with her during their Christmas parties. 
This year was done in the beach, but we did not hit the waters (a bit dirty haha!). 
These are the gifts/noche buena packages given to each family in their group.

We had gone to the city first to get some things, this is my cousin Charisse. (She's acting here. Haha)

I love how windy/breezy the place is, so relaxing...

Ofcourse there's booze. . . 
We did a bit of a photoshoot, cause I have a cam, and I'm that obsessed. Haha!

Today is Christmas! Happy Christmas to you!!
TTYL, CeeCee

Photographs of ME

I tend to be really jealous at times, that I really have to have it! Haha So I took photographs of myself, I was modeling vintage long sleeves, earrings and hats/caps. Here are some shots of myself taken 
by moi.

TTYS, CeeCee.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Start decorating your house too :D
Advance Happy Christmas everybody!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Morning guys!!
Here are some things that I've been doing:
1. Mom, brother and I bought two of these cute little mechanical thing for our new structures. Haha 
Surprisingly we also found ones in pink, how cute. :)

2. This drink is a mix of soda and cocktail. It's yummy! (A blend of Tanduay Ice and Royal Tru Orange)
3. My nails right now. Im loving them.
4. I witnessed a rummage sale, well just witnessed cause participating is out of the question, Im broke atm. 
5. We got a little renovation with our fences and now its orange :) yeyy! The plants are now orange too!!
6. New orchid flowers bloom. They're adorable aren't they?

7. The kids now. They're a little bigger and we call them brownie and blackie. How ODD.
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