Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Morning guys!!
Here are some things that I've been doing:
1. Mom, brother and I bought two of these cute little mechanical thing for our new structures. Haha 
Surprisingly we also found ones in pink, how cute. :)

2. This drink is a mix of soda and cocktail. It's yummy! (A blend of Tanduay Ice and Royal Tru Orange)
3. My nails right now. Im loving them.
4. I witnessed a rummage sale, well just witnessed cause participating is out of the question, Im broke atm. 
5. We got a little renovation with our fences and now its orange :) yeyy! The plants are now orange too!!
6. New orchid flowers bloom. They're adorable aren't they?

7. The kids now. They're a little bigger and we call them brownie and blackie. How ODD.

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