Tuesday, May 29, 2012


DSC030971DSC031371 DSC031671

Hello guys!
Hi from the Philippines!!

        This first photo is like the only legit one over about twenty other ones, I mean you know that I love you guys and I only give you the BEST, right? I have been addicted to headpieces like the ones here but I love the very big ones cause I have a big head :) Too bad as in the second photo the headpiece snapped and the beads fall out everywhere :( I did not know happiness can just end just like that, I hope that will not happen to you. :) On the third photo I used it as a bracelet and it looked pretty well. Haha

(P.S. This is my first attempt to have a Boho-like look. Fail eh?)

Enjoy the rest of the vacation, school's coming guys! Talk to you real soon. xx

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Fiona is my favorite T-shirt brand here in the Philippines. 
The clothing line is so perfect because of its colorful designs 
and the very comfortable fabric. It is the perfect top that you can just wear anytime anywhere and you'll look
amazingly cool anyways. I have four shirts already and I want to complete all colors, it is that good! :) Here, take a look at its wonders:

Carla Cee

Monday, May 21, 2012

Everyday, Im Tumblrin'!

Tumblr is the best photo library in the world. Would you agree to that? I mean its just so vast ranging from food to architecture, from places to sayings and from dream to reality. Right? I personally think that everyone in the world should have a Tumblr account, yo know what it mean? Yes right? :) It is an instant outlet and can motivate creativity. It is so colorful you feel like dreaming and dreaming all day long. It is so heavenly, it brings out the best in us. And lastly, it is our own unique masterpiece that we can share to the world. Happy Tumblr-ing guys!!



Carla Cee

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enjoy your Coffee!

Hello guys! How's your summer?
(I hope you have a FUN one.)
Life is too  short, so enjoy your coffee.

The new glasses:

 My birthday cake:

Pasta my favorite:

Random sweet chocolate moments:

Tropical fruits:

My purple watch and new nail colors:

Early morning moments, now memories :)

Did you notice the effects on the pictures?
I applied the same effect on all photos, the Lens Flare from Photoshop. I am amused by it. 
Happy Summer guys!

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