Saturday, November 17, 2012

let it all out

Ola! In this post I will show things I recently bought. 

First is the Maybelline Hypecurl Volume Express Mascara.
This my first mascara and I love it, well it does the job. :)
It is sold for approx $5 or 250 php.
I love the pink prints on black background plus the silver top, it gives a nice look to it. 
I think this one is the cheapest
in the Maybelline mascara line and I recommend that you buy the more expensive ones if money is not a problem. :D 


Second is this leopard shades that I got for approx $1.5 or 60php. I love how different the frame is and this is definitely an eye catcher. :p


So that's it.
Thanks for reading!

"Don't let the society stop you from expressing yourself and live life to the fullest."

Saturday, November 3, 2012

keep calm and use Toy Camera

Toy Camera Analog - my new software for editing photos.

I love it so much it puts so much character in your photos, its looks so legit!
If you want to get one and i suggest you do its free version is downloadable (simply type Toy Camera download on Google *wink*), it's easy, its cute, its a killer!
 I'm deeply impressed with it, and i suggest you try it out NOW!
To convince you even more these are the photos I edited using TOY CAMERA:

Master Siomai
chai magadan
joshe limongco
GE Camera via Joshe
(Carla Cee/Master Siomai/Chai-Chai's angelic hangelic hands to open the gate/The lovely Joshe Limongco/Joshe Limongco using the new GE Digital Camera of Jasmine Ong)

Thanks for reading! Hope you like it!
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