Saturday, November 17, 2012

let it all out

Ola! In this post I will show things I recently bought. 

First is the Maybelline Hypecurl Volume Express Mascara.
This my first mascara and I love it, well it does the job. :)
It is sold for approx $5 or 250 php.
I love the pink prints on black background plus the silver top, it gives a nice look to it. 
I think this one is the cheapest
in the Maybelline mascara line and I recommend that you buy the more expensive ones if money is not a problem. :D 


Second is this leopard shades that I got for approx $1.5 or 60php. I love how different the frame is and this is definitely an eye catcher. :p


So that's it.
Thanks for reading!

"Don't let the society stop you from expressing yourself and live life to the fullest."


  1. I love buying new things, lol I need to stop:)

  2. You finally bought a mascara! congrats! I have the same one! And even if technically, I can afford the more expensive ones now, I'd still pick this one. Practical lang.hahaha!

    And those leopard shades. I bet you got the idea from bubz noh?


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