Friday, March 29, 2013


          Hello Lovers! This is a little post saying that I'll be out until next week. The reason is that I'll be going to Manila tomorrow, I'll be taking a Licensure Examination. This is the one that I failed last November 2012 which brought so much sadness not only to me but to all my friends who failed. The Exam is scheduled next week and we're so pressured to say the least. I ask all of you to pray that this time I'm gonna pass it and I really need your prayers guys. I will get to you soon after the results are out. Please do help me on this and thank you so so much in advance. Have a great Easter Sunday to all!


Monday, March 25, 2013

lets fade into the night

 photo tumblr_m4eb640U9c1qz4d4bo1_500_zps5bd79807.jpg
Classic Look photo IMG_0907_zps3b361a06.jpg
Black Post photo P2060010_zpsb8978ed7.jpg
Bench Embellished Top/Butterfly White Belt/ Pearl Earrings/Silver Ring

She's real. 
She's genuine. 
She notices things and pays attention.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tumblr Thursday

     Hello lovelies! I can't get enough of this favorite part of the week -- Tumblr Thursdays! If you've been having or have been hooked/applied this new layout please do share your links on the comments section below and I can't wait to see what you have today!

     Today's Theme is Street Style and since Spring/Summer is right around the corner let's get prepared and celebrate! 

Shall we?

   photo tumblr_mdc8jlozTd1r8w0dto1_1280_zps863669b6.jpg 
 photo tumblr_lplu65WflF1qkec6jo1_500_zpsd1a3f7dc.jpg
 photo tumblr_lpvjliaSZo1qhgbedo1_500_zpse103e7bc.jpg
 photo tumblr_md5vpmOqsX1rv10meo1_500_zps32a2d77e.jpg
 photo tumblr_ma1e8aIRL01ru8m5ko1_1280_zps7a0278a5.jpg
 photo tumblr_lnxv5zI7qo1qhs98ao1_500_zps7c851121.jpg
 photo tumblr_lqc7ha0wy91r1z7v9o1_500_zps1ae1d663.jpg
 photo tumblr_lp5topFvSS1qfqbbso1_500_zps3a68f07b.jpg

Saturday, March 16, 2013

go out and rock the world

 photo 20130311-IMG_1272_zps3482db3a.jpg

How do you know so much about people?

      I don't. Sometimes or all the time, I stare, I observe, I understand. What I perceive to be the truth about people might actually be who they really are, partially or not at all. The world is vast, same as people's minds, it changes every time.  The overall truth that a person can possess is their actions not their thoughts, it's their actions that define them, those tiny, intricate, little actions that they uniquely possess. It is who they really are and that's what we love about them. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tumblr Thursday

      I don't remember the last time I posted a Tumblr photo here on my blog, I mean I'm completely obsessed with Tumblr and it's just weird. Today I'm starting a new section on my blog which is Tumblr Thursday, where every week I post my favorites with a special theme. You have seen these on some other blogs as well, and I really can't say noon doing the same, can I? haha 

         Today's Tumblr Thursday Theme is some kind of ethereal. Have FUN!
 photo tumblr_lmo9bc9Qyi1qd07uuo1_500_zpscea52354.png
 photo tumblr_lm2mf8LaDL1qjmiv0o1_500_zpsd35c3276.jpg
 photo tumblr_lpaga6QDiP1qilv8so1_500_zps6a7e8575.jpg
 photo tumblr_lofei5PKq31qiaweco1_500_zps76601a2a.jpg
 photo tumblr_lsaasoddJX1qh5h95o1_500_zps29097ce6.jpg

Follow the craze and go Tumblrin' on your pages. :) Over and out y'all!
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