Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's get Vampy

Trying on some new things, like a normal human being, which I'm told I'm not.
I received this Milani Eye Tech Extreme and Wet n' Wild Vamp it Up and decided to get vampy, more so vampire-ish. Thanks to Summer Charm for the speedy delivery.
Before we go deep down to the blood topic, please tell me I'm a descent vampire. Or not?

 photo IMG_2189_zps9aaabf3b.jpg  photo IMG_2166_zpsc4e73b77.jpg
I've used filters in this one, the lippie shade is really violet, if I should be really specific, its dark violet.
 photo IMG_2134_zps252c2aba.jpg
Yes, its time of the year to bust your sunnies out, its summer in the Philippines nonetheless.
For more details, and all your make-up needs have a look at their lovely site.

P.S. I might skip Tumblr Thursday tomorrow cause a huge lipstick post is coming your way, I hope that's okay with everybody. Peace out! xx


  1. Wow looks great :)

  2. hey there u've got a gr8 blog.. want to follow eachother??? if so follow me and let me know i'll follow back for sure.. :) maybe we can follow eachother on lookbook and facebook too..

  3. thn x for following... followed u back.. :)


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