Friday, May 31, 2013

A Love Tale -

A Jewelry Series Part 1

COLOR : Gold
Description:Material: K Gold plated Alloy


             -     " is the jewelry online shopping destination! The mission has been to open the world of fashion and fine jewelry to everyone at affordable price. As the one of largest global online retailer of crystal jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, have the jewelry you're searching for!"



I chose this specific ring with a simplistic detail because I love minimalism with a spark of sophistication in it. Any gold ring with this sleek finish is surely a win. This is priced at $12.80 but in it is up for grabs at $7.40, very big difference indeed. When looking for quality jewelry price is an essential parameter and price it just as the way it should be not overpriced. I love how they sell jewelry at affordable prices and with such great quality.

Carla Cee wearing the FOREVER LOVE TAIL RING


Thanks for reading!

Jewelry -
Photography/Videography - Carla Cee

Thursday, May 30, 2013

my pick is white

all photos from

My picks from Sheinside online store. I like minimaslistic choices as you can see, nothing exaggerated like that. I love white pieces really, they're easy and goes with almost anything. Sheinside has really good choices, great quality, at very affordable prices. These outfit combinations aimed for minimalist chic and very appropriate for sunny weather obviously! Shop these at :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

you are more than who you are you are god's greatest creation


The gift of choice comes for free.

A choice is a decision to make, a decision that can change your life forever.

breeee breeeee

Model: Brice
Photographer: Yours Truly

Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Albert Einstein

Sunday, May 26, 2013

think outside the circle

 photo IMG_3429_zps509dfbe1.jpg

I'm very close to saying what I've been forbidden to say. 

This world is breaking, but it's not.

 It's like that.

 photo IMG_3445_zpsb850cb39.jpg
 photo IMG_3440_zpsb567c06c.jpg

Little Update: My hair got trimmed on the top and it has hints RED, that's a good thing right?

 photo IMG_3448_zps5e3b2278.jpg
Peace out!

I figure life's a gift, I don't intend on wasting it. -Leonardo de Carpio (Titanic, 1997)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

a compelling case

      What I love about online stores is that they give you more than what is available 

locally. Such amazing pieces that can be very intricate or very simple but does the job 

really well. I chose this piece because Mum loves it, it's green, it has a bold pendant, it 

looks FAB!

THANKS eFoxCity is a wholesale clothing from chinaAside from that they offer exceptional low wholesale price but good quality at the same time.

         eFoxcity offer large variety of clothing styles including: evening dresses 2013 and wholesale ladies clothing

For all your needs as a woman, is the place to be. 

Green Flower Bohemian Style Waterdrop Necklace @SP44125

 photo IMG_2871_zps9ea60adc.jpg

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look of the Day

Converse Sneakers/Blue Knitted Cardigan/Striped Top/Cream Trousers

My Converse are back!



Colenimo's Newest Collection for Summer/Spring 2013 

                    "Inspired by tennis player Helen Wills Moody, famous in the 1920's and 30's, the collection mixes smart preppy pieces with casual vintage sportswear inspired attire.

                The garments include British mill wool/linen suits, pure silk crepe dresses, fine cotton twill spring coats and simple cotton sun dresses made from British men's shirting fabric. The collection also features a number pieces over-dyed using organic English "woad", a natural deep indigo dye."

Colenimo, a british brand making waves in the fashion industry without compromising quality. The new collection 'Little Miss Poker Face' is just pure genius, the pieces are sophisticated, its a collection that says 'no compromise', it is pleasing without compromising artistry or structure. This bold and fearless brand will have its space in International Fashion Industry in no time, guaranteed.

About Colenimo

         Our aim is to create timeless, elegant, quality clothing. We love traditional fabrics, strong women, modern shapes and vintage details. Colenimo is committed to making in the UK. All woven pieces are produced in London, fabric is sourced in England and buttons are British made. 
             We make garments for today that encapsulate a perfect vision of yesterday.

Friday, May 17, 2013 International Giveaway (Closed)

Here's another surpise for all of you out there! A NEW GIVEAWAY!!!
This time this giveaway is brought to us by ShopLumo.
LUMO, a handcrafted jewelry line designed and handmade in California, inspired by its free spirit and natural beauty. A company that incorporates metal and semi-precious stones and pearls to create one of a kind pieces!

In this busy and consuming frenzy called life finding something to complement your everyday outfit has just got easier, all thanks to Lumo

Do you want to win  $50 voucher to shop at ?


3- Fill in the form below with your name and email

This giveaway starts today, May 18 and ends on May 30. This giveaway is open internationally.

Best of luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

put a ring on my finger

The world. Life. People. Just breathtaking. I wouldn't want it any other way. Would you?

Wouldn't you?

 I mean mornings are happy and nights are carefree. 



 I love luxury, who doesn't? It does make me feel different for some time yes, but life is perfect and those things don't matter, do they? 

Or do they?

 photo IMG_2811_zpsb80e4514.jpg

 photo IMG_2822_zps64429148.jpg

 photo IMG_2824_zps39ca6f33.jpg

 photo IMG_2817_zpsf740d7bc.jpg
My Mini Ring Collection

On another note the lovely people from Rings & Tings gave a special discount for all my readers.

Enjoy a 10% discount for you!

“ stylecard10 ''
( Enter this at checkout to get 10% off all items! )

Monday, May 13, 2013

Oasap International Giveaway (Closed)

            Hello Ladies! Today is full of surprises, are you ready?

         I have a second treat for you today lovers, What is it? Uhm does 'free' sound amazing? Well yes, your right! The lovely people over at OASAP are giving away one of eight key pieces from their new Spring/Summer Collection. One lucky reader will be allowed to choose one of the following items!

             All items from :)

The winning person gets to choose one of the following items:

How to Enter:

1. Register as a member at OASAP. Leave a comment in the box below with the email you used and which item you'd like to win.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
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I will pick the winner randomly in 10 days! The giveaway is open internationally and will end on Thursday 23th May 2013. 

Best of luck to everyone!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

StyleGodis International Giveaway (Closed)

                                     Welcome Ladies and Gents!!!
I am so pleased to bring you a new giveaway brought to us by StyleGodis
                                                 *Happy Dance*

Have you heard of StyleGodis yet? Well, let me introduce them to you...

StyleGodis is generously giving away FREE JEWELRY from their site. Any jewelry from their site. 
Have a look at the prized at stake HERE.

NOW onto the GIVEAWAY!!!

2 super easy GIVEAWAY RULES:

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StyleGodis is situated in Cali, one of my dream destinations. Being situated there you can have a general vision that this brand is about, just everything Californian - cool, breezy, beach, fun, paradise perfect vibe! It's still summer in the Philippines and it'll be summer soon in Cali, go checkout StyleGodis new collection.

Thanks so much to StyleGodis for sponsoring this giveaway for my blog.
Please do join babes, just two easy steps for y'all! :)

The winning lucky person will be contacted via Email so please do leave it on the comments section. The giveaway is International so everybody can join :)

Best of luck to everyone!!!

Have a Fun Fun Summer Y'all!

Oh Sweet Dahlia

Hello Ladies!

          I can't resist doing this post REALLY. Today's post is about DAHLIA. Yes! Dahlia is a British Brand and needless to say I'm in love with them. I've introduced you to them a while back when they had a blogger contest which has ended and they've chosen three beautiful bloggers to be their somewhat representatives. I've subscribed in to their mailing list and once again I fell in love right then and there!I mean their clothing is a girl's dream seriously. My picks and favorites from their site will be in this post and I'm just sure you will love them too. 

First stop, their new collection has just arrived and oh my I'm completely blown away.

 photo slide2_zpsa1c6a478.jpg

 photo Bucharest_1_1024x1024-horz_zps0d7bd79e.jpg  photo Ohio_2_1024x1024-horz_zps2c16ce9f.jpg

The second part is their dainty and oh so sweet line primarily for special events.

 photo eDM_14-horz_zpsd647bb5d.jpg

And lastly, but my favorite is their sale items. Yeyy! I mean this is like a win-win situation ladies, right? All the sale items is almost half the price and oh crap now that's the greatest deal right there!

 photo eDM_Romantic_Sale_V1_252_zps424c2823.jpg
 photo freya_navy7_1024x1024-horz_zps7a7ae7ba.jpg  photo courtney_2_1024x1024-horz_zps9710ff41.jpg
All photos are from Dahlia's Site.

I know right? What a lovely brand, Dahlia. It's never too late to own these lovely dresses ladies and gentlemen. I really had fun picking my favorites, hope you had fun too. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 10, 2013

THINGS I'm capable of doing

         Hello ladies! Spot the differences? Guess what, I did not actually put any make-up on! The first photo is the original one and the three below are just THE SAME. Literally. Haha I used this Iphone App called "Perfect365". It pretty much helps you on what specific color you want to choose on your palette, genius right? I do think that it is available on Android and it is definitely one of the coolest apps for the ladies. If you have other "cool apps" that you would want to share please do feel free to comment down below and I'll be happy to download them. :) 
 photo mkk_zps412b0140.jpg
Decided to put some color to my dull nails and I don't have any other good polish than this honestly.

 photo IMG_2732-horz_zps8ad482f7.jpg

Trying some new clothes for Mum. :) Be scared children of the world, Mother's Day is just two more days. Go ahead and buy those things that makes mums happy, GO!

Have a great day!

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