Saturday, June 29, 2013


penshoppecarla cee

The thing with stripes is that they can be a show on there own, which is why I would style this top with either this or this depending on my mood. I'm no stylist that's for sure but I have my favorites and I stick to them most of the time. You can't go wrong with what you love I guess because they give you the best comfort and comfort is the basis of most things usually.


Yes, you've seen these clubmasters before in my previous post. I just love them.


Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

PersunMall Summer Style International Giveaway (Closed)

Who's up for another giveaway? It's your lucky day today! *happy dance*

          There will be lots of winners (hopefully) so join join join. :) This is an international giveaway courtesy of Persunmall. There will be 1 winner every 60 participants. 

         The items up for grabs:
                                                                                       1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /  6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Love what your seeing? Here's more! :)

Aside from the clothing prize above, Persunmall also prepared worth $100 gift card "lucky prize" for the randomly-selected lucky one, so everyone has the chance! 

                               Fill up the Rafflecopter below and let's get this started! :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don't comment it'll invalidate your entry. 

Name/FB Name:
E-mail used to register in Persunmall:

(You can use a special coupon code to save 20% off on all orders that are $60 above: PERSUN20%OFF)

This giveaway will end on July 15, 2013, winners will be announced July 19 by Persunmall.

Let's do this guys! More comments, More WINNERS! 

Best of luck everyone!!! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

zalora philippines

        I don't remember buying any footwear this year which is why it's probably time to splurge on a new one. *wink* Lazy, is what I am if I may describe myself and the sound of online shopping sounds like music on my ears. *laughs* It was the right time and at the right place situation when Zalora's FB Page, who updates quite frequently (thumbs up), posted that Koumi-Koumi (one of the brands they carry) is having a sale. I clicked the link and oh my I love what I'm seeing!!! Aside from the good looking shoes, they are also half the price!? Oh c'mon, seriously now! *giggles* Zalora has a feature (Cash on Delivery) which lets you pay when your order is delivered, I mean, that won me right there. A shop that lets me not move an inch and I get to just wait and take a few steps and pay the mailman and receive my goodies, who doesn't like that? I mean right? I'm still very much pleased until now and currently eyeing over some pieces that I can hopefully get my hands on in the future. *crosses fingers* Zalora Philippines ships internationally, in case you're wondering. :)


Zalora Phillipines
Koumi-koumi is still on sale here, in case you want them too.

Online Shopping in the Philippines

You can buy this pair too, here.

Zalora Phillipines Shopping

Online Shopping via Zalora.

For all you're shopping needs, get extreme satisfaction at :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Firmoo International Giveaway (Closed)

I think it's time for, A NEW GIVEAWAY!!!
The giveaway is brought to us by Firmoo.

About Firmoo
         Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Firmoo has once again launched their First-Pair-Free program. This is open worldwide! The glasses are free, you only need to pay for shipping. 

(Any frame in Firmoo Classic glasses selection + 1.50 single vision lenses + FREE SHIPPING)

5 $20 vouchers, with this you can buy a pair of glasses (glasses start at $16).

We have 6 winners total, are you one of them? Fill up the Rafflecopter widget below and comment with your email and chosen pair, choose here. :)

We will announce a grand winner only if we get 50+ participants with valid entries. Valid entries means 50 comments below with the link of your favorite glasses (choose here). This is open INTERNATIONALLY :)

Do you want to win one of 5 $20 voucher to shop at 

Fill in the form below with your name and email and leave a comment.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway starts today, June 25 and ends on July 10. This giveaway is open internationally.

Best of luck to everyone!

Hit your summer with Firmoo Free Glasses in June

         The most awaited part of the years- S-U-M-M-E-R has finally come. Aren't you excited to be in the beach, wear shorts, be tanned, be sweaty yet gorgeous and go to music festivals? Well I definitely am! What is summer without a new pair of eyewear? An easy remedy for this is to stop by and pick up a free pair of glasses so that you won't miss a moment this summer. New arrivals are part of the First-Pair-Free-Program. Now get yours fo FREE!

Looking for Retro Style Glasses?

         A retro glasses frame offering a quirky retro look. This eyewear with bold color and fashionable design will lighten up your summers. The rectangular lenses are surrounded by thin and sleek rims, extending out to metal stems. Spring hinges add extra comfort to wear. Find out your own and unique style.

Looking for Oversized Glasses?

         To be yourself and find your own way to show yourself! This eyewear with big conspicuous frame is so unique and attractive and they will let you stand out of the crowd. Oversized glasses are always your best choice for showing your star quality in the fashion trend.

Looking for Fashion Tinted Sunglasses?

         These two pairs of retro-style sunglasses are somewhat different from traditional wraparound sunglasses I met before. It is of traditional frame shape with sunglasses lenses, which make you look more fashionable and elegant in this hot summer season.

Still have no idea about how to style your pairs? Check out a few ladies modeling their favorite Firmoo eyewear.

(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)
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About Firmoo
         Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello everyone!

Button-downs are staple for me, they simply make a statement for any outfit. Its like white shirts for men, you just put them on and you're good to go. Any button-down paired with a good pair of bottoms can be a formal wear, just like that. The only disadvantage is that its too hot in the Philippines and shirts are still no. 1. For Philippine weather a button down might not be a go to but a nice type of clothing/cloth can do the magic and
give you ventilation. :) 

Happy weekend!

You can buy a similar shirt, here.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Brandy Melville Aesthetics

         I remember watching AnnaLeeandJesse and HeyClaire on Youtube and their frequent hauls, especially from the brand, BrandyMelville USA. The shirt I am wearing is as close as I can get with BrandyMelville aesthetics. BrandyMelville always ensures soft yet delicate clothing quality with minimalistic touches and sophisticated twists. As I am not situated in USA and I can't pull of an online order, this is how far I can satisfy myself with my cravings for BrandyMelville, meanwhile here's our favorite Rumi featuring this brand in her posts here, here and here.

            The shirt I am wearing in this post is very much the same with this BrandyMelville one here.


Thanks for reading!!!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Homegirl Situation.
This is a cheap-o blog.
Just trying to get that out their in the vast, solid world.
It's gonna be cheap-o unless some miracle happen, where someone will give me a million bucks.
While that did not occur yet, let me divert your attention to the beautiful, dreamy, and travel-full blog of my babe Zanita or to my other babe who lives in Paris, my beloved Louise Ebel, who will be my forever inspo.
And as my photography gets crappy and crappier, let our doll big sis Ile give you the most positive set of photos there is available to human beings.

Thanks to Romwe for trusting me and Bellast and eFoxCity and RingsandTings.
Thanks for giving me products to review so I can function as a blogger.

This post is an impulse of the win of Miami earlier. Now that was a cause.
This will be a cause as well. Well soon. This blog. While hope still runs in me.

I cant explain why i am not employed at the moment. Cause there is no explanation to laziness and preferences, right?

Some of the points on this post might be blurry, so email me instead., it seems emails are gifts in text form to me. 
So email me. NOW.

While game 7 decides if I will bring you another post, while we are all waiting for game of thrones season 4 next year, while everything else happens,
Let's pray. Let's dream, and most importantly let's do it. Whatever it is, let do them.
Do is apparently a verb, so go get your ass moving and let's rock the world!

Friday, June 7, 2013

freestyle streetstyle

It's a morning,

A new day,

A new start,

Let's Live.

Street Style Philippines

Black Sleeveless Streetstyle Shirt// Denim Short Shorts// Leopard Sunnies

Monday, June 3, 2013

Clingy with CoCo -

A Jewelry Series Part 2

MATERIAL : Rhinestone
COLOR : Gold
Material: 316L Titatium, 18K Rose Gold Plated 


             -     " is the jewelry online shopping destination! The mission has been to open the world of fashion and fine jewelry to everyone at affordable price. As the one of largest global online retailer of crystal jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, have the jewelry you're searching for!"


This classic gold piece is priced at $27.00 but in it is up for grabs at $16.33, score! Jewelries can be overpriced a lot, especially when customers know nothing or least about that industry and that's just disappointing. When you find honesty and quality in one brand, what more can you ask for , right? has both and so much more. :)

My name is Carla Cee and getting this necklace is just sheer happiness  it's like having my name on a jewelry, which is so cool! This gold piece is so chanel-ish, that I can't say no, can you? I mean right? Ladies, this is staple jewelry and I recommend it to all of you. Stay tune for my next Bellast piece. :)

Main Website:

Thanks for reading!

Jewelry -
Photography - Carla Cee
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