Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Homegirl Situation.
This is a cheap-o blog.
Just trying to get that out their in the vast, solid world.
It's gonna be cheap-o unless some miracle happen, where someone will give me a million bucks.
While that did not occur yet, let me divert your attention to the beautiful, dreamy, and travel-full blog of my babe Zanita or to my other babe who lives in Paris, my beloved Louise Ebel, who will be my forever inspo.
And as my photography gets crappy and crappier, let our doll big sis Ile give you the most positive set of photos there is available to human beings.

Thanks to Romwe for trusting me and Bellast and eFoxCity and RingsandTings.
Thanks for giving me products to review so I can function as a blogger.

This post is an impulse of the win of Miami earlier. Now that was a cause.
This will be a cause as well. Well soon. This blog. While hope still runs in me.

I cant explain why i am not employed at the moment. Cause there is no explanation to laziness and preferences, right?

Some of the points on this post might be blurry, so email me instead., it seems emails are gifts in text form to me. 
So email me. NOW.

While game 7 decides if I will bring you another post, while we are all waiting for game of thrones season 4 next year, while everything else happens,
Let's pray. Let's dream, and most importantly let's do it. Whatever it is, let do them.
Do is apparently a verb, so go get your ass moving and let's rock the world!


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