Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick - Red Wine (Satin) Review


Hello everyone, today I'll be featuring my newest Satin Lipstick in Red Wine from Tupperware!

I got mine from Sample Room ( and I just have to pay for shipping fee! If you haven't discovered Sample Room, go check them out! -->


My experience: This is my first time to try Sample Room and the whole slogan  (Try before you buy) is just so appealing to me. Thanks to big sis Ile for introducing me to SR! :)My order got verified/processed on a Monday because they have to confirm it as I was using Paypal to pay and then by Tuesday, the package already came! That's best customer service ever! :)

Product name: Colour Collection Vitamin E Satin Lipstick 
Colour: Red Wine
Manufacturer : Tupperware 
Price: Php 350.00

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick is available in 3 formulas: Matte,Sheer & Satin


Tupperware Colour Collection  
"lavish, luxurious, simply luscious, all in one easy glide. Lips so color rich they deserve to be famous."

I got a Satin, and blimey me, the color is so gorgeous! The shade is in Red Wine , very much comparable to the Wine Lipstick I got from Max Factor, post here. The Satin lipstick is more creamy in texture and a little lighter in shade compared to the Max Factor, in other words better plus it is so much cheaper!!


It has a creamy texture thus glides on easilycan be used everyday, affordable for its quality, easily available, classy packaging, very pigmented and a fabulous color!


Packaging | The packaging is so sexy and sturdy! The gold detailing won my heart right away!

Price (350php approx $8.75) | The price is practical, within that price range I think it is the best lipstick locally!

Recommend | Super Yes! This will have to be one of my favorites not only this month but for the whole year! It's elegant, affordable and gives you the confidence to face people! Get it at the nearest Tupperware outlet near you or any Tupperware distributor! :)

Rating | 9/10 (Duh!)



  1. So gorgeous color love it on you!


  2. Amazing lipstick ;) Very beautiful colour ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  3. Love your blog! just discovered it :) ooo how pretty, nice color!

    I followed you on GFC, maybe follow me back ?

  4. Looks good on you. Perfect even for everyday use huh.

    BTW, thanks for dropping by a comment on my blog. Sorry to tell you tho that I don't publish comments with clickable links. I will appreciate it if you can visit again ang comment w/o it. Thanks and cheers :)

  5. wow nice color for the price :) looks pretty on you :)

  6. Cool, I'm definitely checking that website out! I only really need sample sizes of makeup anyways since it changes so often!
    That lipstick is really pretty, I love the colour :)

  7. the color looks so pretty on you!!
    I need some new lipsticks too so I will check them out! I like how their prices seem pretty fair!

  8. It's an absolutely gorgeous colour.

    I just went and bought a few new lipsticks last week, they are so fun and exciting to play with.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  9. Looks fantastic and classy shade I think!

  10. Lovely post!

  11. Looks like a pretty lipstick! :) The colour looks very pretty on you ☺

    Loves, Saar -

    Ps, how about following eachother? I follow you! ☺
    Blog - Twitter - Youtube

  12. Hi deaR
    Nice lipstick, super great color

  13. yey! special mention ako! I'm also excited to try this one. :) the red color almost looks yummy.

  14. This is such a beautiful colour, looks lovely on you!

  15. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  16. That color is really pretty on you! Love the try before you buy concept!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

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