Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hayan Korea Artistic Crystal Eyeshadow Review in E503/E15

Hayan Korea Artistic Crystal Pink Eyeshadow Review
Hello everybody!

Welcome to another eye-shadow review! It is again from Hayan Korea.

Let's start! :)

         The shade that I got is a girly pink shade. I am a certified pink addict bu the way, are you too? It has shimmers  in it which make it pop more than any othe light pink shade. The pink is very much subdued to the point where it looks white if you look from afar when applied on your lids. I totally recommend this product for students because it is minimal and refreshing!

Hayan Korea Artistic Crystal Eyeshadow Review in E503-E15
E15 is now E503

This kind of pink is so great for day time!

The color is so perfect for minimal make-up/nomake-up look.

A little swatch on the back of my hand:

                                                                             How they look in my eyes:

          Likes: Buildable, Everyday-use Eyeshadow, Minimal Shimmer, Affordable, Available Locally

There are more colors to choose from and very much available on all SM branched listed below. :)

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Packaging The packaging is sleek and sturdy! Pretty much the perfect shape to carry on your bag and when you travel. :) I like the crystal concept of how the pigment is shaped, so fab! 

Price (98php approx $2.5) The price is reasonable for the quality itself. If you look at the first two pictures you can just pay this price alone for how it looks, the packaging is just great! Not to mention the product color is very usable all year round!

Recommend | Yes! I recommend you try it out and this is such a girly girl color. I really like this shade for my skintone, it compliments my skin color very much.

Rating | 8/10 ( It just feels right. *wink*)

Have you tried this product too? Tell me what you think.

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 Hayan Korea is located at the following malls: Star Mall, Edsa, Mandaluyong and SM SouthMall, SM Santa Mesa, SM San Lazaro, SM Sta.Rosa, SM San Pablo, SM Rosario, Victory Mall Caloocan, Victory Mall Antipolo, Star Mall Alabang and SM Masinag. 

Hayan Korea | Korean Cosmetics | High Quality at Reasonable Price


  1. i got the peach shade its matte and i love it =)

  2. I have never heard about Hayan Korea before. The color looks pretty! :)

  3. Great review darlin!!
    I really like this color <3


  4. ohh that color is so soft and pretty on you!! love it!

  5. very pretty color, thanks for the review.


  6. Seems like a great product, I would love to try some of the other shades :)

  7. Oh it looks great!!! Very apt for daytime use.. :-)


  8. Amazing review! I love it:)

  9. Ooh the packaging reminds of the NYX ones!! Haven't heard of this brand before but I'll definitely look into it :) Great review! Following you, hope you decide to follow back!

  10. Very inexpensive. Would love to give that eyeshadow a try soon. Thanks for the review! :)


  11. Where can we purchase this? Thanks :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  12. Hey this is also available at for only Php 80 I want to try this since I am into Kpop right now

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