Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hayan Magic Nail Polish in N7 and N11 Review


HAYAN Magic Nail Polish

Let your nails shine like crystal!

Fashionable and trendy colors!
HAYAN Magic Nail Polish is easy to apply and retains it color and shine for days. There are a lot of colors to express your unique personality! You can be bold and sexy, or dainty and chic! Be creative!

HAYAN Magic Nail Polish has vibrant colors that quickly dries and adheres to the nail plate.

To get the desired shade, apply two or three coats. Apply a thin coat on your first application. After it dries, apply another coat to achieve a lovely shade of color. 

How to use: On your first application, lightly brush on the center of the nail. Then, do the same on the left and right sides of the nail.

On your next application, do the same procedure.

{So what is Hayan Korea?}
Hayan /하얀 / means “naturally fair” or “clearly white” in Korean.

HayanKoreaReviewN7 is now 004. N11 is now 002.

I got two shades in 002 and 004.
N7/004 a beautiful everyday yellow color and N11/002 is a gold glittery top coat that compliments everything and instantly adds glam to your nails.

I used three coats of the N7 then I let it completely dry and applied N11. After the two completely dried i swear it feels like rock. It's rigid, everything has soaked in completely and after doing the dishes for multiple times I see no chipping. 

I feel like the N11/002 seals everything in and these nail polishes work like a duo and performs perfectly when done both! I recommend that you put another top coat just to make in invincible. *wink*

The product on my nails:
          A bottle costs 98 pesos as their introductory price and lots of colors to choose from!

Hayan Korea Nail Polish Review


Packaging | The packaging is so cute and sturdy! It feels quite good really, like high end things if that makes sense. 

Price (98php approx $2.5) | For a nail polish, it is a good value for your money As I've experienced, when the two products completely dried there's no stopping it, I can say it'll last for a good week without chipping and 1 week w/o chipping out stands any other brand with same pricing:)

Recommend | Yes, definetely! I got a beautiful yellow color on my hands everyday and it feels like I'm carrying the sun with me all the time! *wink*

Rating | 7/10

Have you tried this product too? Tell me what you think.

Like Hayan Korea on Facebook and visit for more information.

 Hayan Korea is located at the following malls: Star Mall, Edsa, Mandaluyong and SM SouthMall, SM Santa Mesa, SM San Lazaro, SM Sta.Rosa, SM San Pablo, SM Rosario, Victory Mall Caloocan, Victory Mall Antipolo, Star Mall Alabang and SM Masinag. 

Hayan Korea | Korean Cosmetics | High Quality at Reasonable Price


  1. gnahan ko sa color :))
    ug sa glitters!

  2. great colors for the summer. I'm thinking if we put up a make-up brand someday, we can call it "hamis" :)

  3. Hi Carla! na try mo naba yung nail polish na 01? Nakabili ako sa (, last week ko inorder hopefully ide-deliver sya this week. For me mas ok din talaga ung brand na Hayan kasi sa korea daw sya nag originate e. Iniisip ko kung may iba pa silang product. Salamat sis!


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