Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rings and Tings


" Rings and Tings is an online fashion store stocking the most unique piece of FASHION at a reasonable price. From Jewellery to watches, every detail is important and can add character to an outfit. Rings and Tings will be there to provide that little special treasure that shall be cherished forever. "

I received three lovely items from them and I could not be more thankful. :) www.ringsandtings.com

Love Ring. This gold ring is so fun to wear and because it is gold it is so easy to style them and they fit all outfits. It gives an instant glam to your hands and it is very affordable. The ring fits my finger really well and the good thing is I did not feel any irritations or itchiness while wearing it.

Vintage Ring. It is the quirkiest among the three pieces that I received and I imagine it getting all the attention because of it shape. It is vintage, which adds more feel into it. If you get into trouble, these babies could help you out(if you know what I mean lol).

Wish Bone Necklace. This is my favorite among the three. I imagine myself wearing this necklace everyday  It is a simple design and fits anything you wear. I love the wishbone detail, for me it is so dreamy and unique to be carrying it around your neck. It's a staple piece and very cheap. :)
I am more than happy to receive these, get your dose of jewelry shopping on their website too. Rings and Tings also caters not just jewelry but clothes and shoes as well, it's a one stop shop for the fashionista inside you! :) Get a 10% off checkout using “ stylecard10 ''.

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 Images from their website:
Visit their store and discover the latest fashion trends!


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