Monday, July 15, 2013


Are you a big fan of Asian & Korean Fashion? 

One shopping site has it all! It's :)

Coco Fashion sells the trendiest and stylish women's clothing, bags and shoes. From cute feminine appearance, sweet Asian style, or that unique style to stand out in a crowd, Coco-Fashion has exactly what you need! 

ShippingCoco Fashion ships worldwide with no minimum orders and their shipping price is very reasonable. 

Variety. Coco Fashion shopping experience is so much funbecause they sell a lot and you have more choices to choose from.!!

Asian Fashion Aficionados | K-Pop Fanatics. Coco Fashion have Asian/Korean fashion clothing for all year round! Whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn they all have it for you!

Price. Coco Fashion offer clothes that are absolutely cheap! Also, they also offer various discounts all the time depending on your purchase! 

Coco Fashion have all these treats for all the fashionistas worldwide. How awesome is that?

My favorites and may be yours too! :)

Blazer Battle:

Blue Chiffon Blazer (here) or Cream Classic Blazer (here)

The Denim Girl Look or the Pleated Girl Look??

Combined Denim and Pleated Dress (here) or Pleated Dress (here)

Not on they sell the loveliest women clothing but also women bags and shoes!!!

Neutral or Multi-colored?

Gladiator Strappy Sandals (here) or Light Pink Platforms (here)

Cutesy or Classy?

Design Printed Blue Shoulder Bag (here) or Blue Classic Handbag (here)

To my surprise they sell men's clothes as well! is indeed a one stop shop!

Casual or Formal?

Red Checkered Collar Shirt  (here) or White Long-sleeve Shirt (here)

Which one do you like?  | Street Asian & Korean Fashion


  1. Seems like an awesome shop!

  2. HOLA!!Te cuento que no conocía la marca...pero quede encantada con las prendas...ya me quiero comprar todas!!!
    Te sigo en blogger y google +...te espero de vuelta!!!!

    Te espero por allí!
    : )

  3. I'm in love with those blezers !
    I like your blog, what do you think about following each other?:>

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