Tuesday, July 30, 2013

timoga spring pool

Hello there!

Today, let's talk summer! Ready? 

It's been surprisingly a sunny Tuesday today here in rainy season Philippines.  The past few days was literally winter! I kind of love it when its cold and you got nothing to do and you just religiously sleep.    -_- But apparently that's not the case, I need to do so many stuff and I'm literally not doing them! I'm powerless when it rains I usually say and its been cold enough here for me that I literally don't do much. (longest explanation ever) with that given I want to reminisce and take you back to Philippine summer! 

These pictures were taken in a summer spot near where I live, well not really near as it takes at least one hour to go to location! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Timoga Spring Pool!

Timoga Spring Pool

These photos were taken last June  when the fam bam decided to take a break and swim the 
glorious blue waters


Spring Pool

That's a my blur dad. 

I love swimming (a lot, I'm a Pisces) the only thing I don't like about it is being tanned (more of black/brown). I'm tanned enough and I don't need more color! Hahaha 

We cooked our food, we had pork and fish, grilled I believe? Hahaha

SpringPool Timoga Spring Pool Iligan

Based on my research it is summer in the USA 'til September we might as well relocate there! Shall we? 

Thanks for going through my summer photos! Summer is always fun! 

I wish you all the fun in the world loves! 

Over and out, carla cee.


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