Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bellast Giveaway Winner, New Stuff, Announcements and Updates

Hello my little ones!

First, of all I want to congratulate the Bellast Giveaway Winner  Alice Beerland  (, CONGRATULATIONS ALICE!!! A Bellast representative will contact you soon. Thanks to all who joined and you still can enjoy a 30% coupon code "30off2013" at Bellast.

Second, I have now my own domain so will automatically redirect to!!! *happy dance* I was so happy with buying a domain, if you have a blog and you're reading this you might want to give yourself a treat and buy your blog some lovin' and get that domain. All thanks to my tech team, big sis Ile of AHintofSunlight for all the help!

The third one is something I want for the longest time and ever since I started taking pictures, now I finally own a DSLR!!! Its what I've been wanting since forever and I finally got a 600D!!!

The Happy Kid.
carla cee camera

Fourth, I have changed my Instagram and Twitter to 'iamcarlacee' hope you can follow me on their too.

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Let's dream on, young dreamers!!!
Hugs and kisses to everyone!!!
And oh, it's the 1st of Semptember, the -BER months has started! Cheers!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30 Review

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30 Review
Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30
Package Size: 40ml
SRP: PHP 599

Product Description:

Gluta Whitening BB Cream is a multi-benefit product that not only works externally -- it also penetrates deeper using breakthrough Nanotechnology to deliver 5 wonderful benefits to your skin:

-It acts as a whitening cream with its glutathione and papaya extract to even out skin tone and promote healthy cell renewal. 
-It acts as a tinted makeup base or sheer foundation because of its self-adjusting shade that complements all Asian skintones. 
-It doubles as a moisturizer with shea butter and soothing aloe vera, and works as a toner with hazel extracts that treats blemishes. 
-Finally, it protects your skin from harmful UV rays with SPF27.

Made in Korea.

I am very lucky again to try a new product via Sample Room. I did a review for Colour Collection Lipstick here and when I saw this BB cream up for grabs I patiently kept an eye for it! My moment arrived when these BB Creams were restocked and I finally had the chance to get one for myself. *happy dance* I had high hopes for this product because I am a fan of the Colour Collection Range, let's see how that goes! 

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream  Review
             It has a seal so product is assured to be of its top condition before you use it!

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream Packaging Review
The dispensing tip has a very small opening and therefore you can get small amounts every time you squeeze. How practical!

                                                               Product Swatches:

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30 Review and Swatches
For my humongous face I used less than a pea size to cover my skin, probably half and a little goes a long way!!!

            How the BB Cream looks on me:

Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF 30 Review Swatches

The minute the packaged arrive I immediately use it and good thing I had to go to the city so I can try this. Upon leaving the house I had doubts that the BB cream matched my skin but the moment I arrived in the cafe, my skin looks good! It has the usual BB cream effect but coverage was better!  It has this glowing-flawless effect and looks very natural, it became an instant favorite!!

Packaging |  The metallic/holographic packaging is so modern. The dispenser hole is perfect for small amounts of dispensing! The packaging is small enough to carry with you anywhere, plus its blue! Woah! 

Price (599 php or $25) |  I got it free in Sample Room and I can't really complain. *wink* :) The price is kind of expensive but the quality is of or nearing a foundation and it gives you this magical glowing skin! Why not?! If you're within the Philippines get it via Sample Room here.

Recommend |  Yes! This is but the best BB Cream I tried, the finish of this BB Cream won me over! When you apply in the morning then you arrive to your destination ex. office/school the magic has been done and the product blended with your skin completely with a gorgeous finish. I prefer to apply powder (best if translucent) over it for all day use. :)

Rating | 9/10 (Magic!)

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Facial Wash and Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer Daily Face Routine

Taking care of our skin is a must. Keeping it healthy and glowing means doing extra effort and/or maybe spending more money but hey it is a NEED!!! 

The Easiest way for Healthier Skin:

1. Drink loads of water.
2. Eat fruits and vegetables. (healthy foods)
3. Exercise.
4. Cleanse and moisturize daily.

Easy right?  
The steps are completely up to you, you can add/subtract depending on your situation. I am too lazy to exercise personally but don't forget to do Number 4! I will show you my current "Cleanse & Moisturize Routine".


Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Facial Wash Review

  Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Facial Wash (with Niacinamide and Nanosomes C & E)

This cleanser/facial wash that I am using not only it cleanses my face with unnecessary dirt it also has a  whitening effect. Not everybody needs the whitening but I do. My tan nature needs some whitening! 

Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Facial Wash Review and Swatches

The consistency of the product is very gentle to the face it feels like lotion when you don't put water yet.  After cleansing you can immediately see the difference although minimal but you can see that the product is twerking hard! lol I use a pea size of product and massage all over your face in a circular motion and then I rinse completely for the next step!

                                                            Next... MOISTURIZE Momma!!!

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review

     Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer (with Triple Moisturizing System)

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review and Swatches

 Immediately after cleansing it is the the perfect time to add nutrients whilst youre face is squeky clean. The nutrients come in the form if moisturizer, I have dry skin so I need to moisturize all day errday! The consistency of the product is watery which makes the skin absorb it completely with ease. After the cleansing and moisturizing your face, you can apply a full-on make-up or just a BB Cream and you're good to go! 
I do this routine twice a day: morning & night.

All Ceteteque Products are dematologist-tested, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

letters earring etsy shop by sungho kim

- earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces -
"We design and make the most unique and trendy item you have ever seen."

I've been going a lot to Etsy shops primarily for one thing...window shopping! I single-handedly favorited over a hundred items just because it is the easiest thing there is to do in Etsy! Etsy has everything ladies and gentlemen and on top of that everything I love! I looked over jewelries cause I am a bit addicted/obsessed to them as all of you might have noticed. *wink* And then, I stumbled upon Letters Earring! Once you're there man you can't leave! There's too much going on it is insane! At least they have 100 pieces for sale and most if not all are perfect
You gotta visit it here, to see is to believe guys! Haha 

 I got 3 lovely rings from them and I am quite sure you'll love them as much as I do! 

letters earring etsy shop


Adjustable Leaf Ring (here) Available in Gold, Silver. 

letters earring by sungho kim


Diamond Gold Plated Ring (here) Available in Gold, Silver, Pink.

lettersearring etsy shop review

letters earring etsy shop review
Arrow Ring (here). Available in Gold, Silver, Pink.

As you can see all 3 rings are adjustable, it is an open loop so you can stretch it inwards and outwards depending on how you want style it. I wore it on the bottom of my finger but it is also wearable as stack rings! 

It took this package to reach me about 2 weeks and if were talking about international shipping that is already fast as it takes 4 weeks normally. :)

Thanks to Sungho Kim of Letters Earring for handing me these three lovely pieces! Do check their awesome Etsy shop here

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner in Blackest Black Review

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner in Blackest Black Swatches and Review

Presenting... My Favorite Liquid Liner EVER!!!
Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner 

Product Description:

Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner takes our best-selling Eye Tech Liquid Liner to the extreme. Extreme fine felt-tip point and easy grip handle make creating lines easy. Non-feathering, waterproof blackest black formula lasts all day without flaking our budging.


Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Black 2 (CI 77266), Styrene / Acrylates / Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Coco-Glucoside, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, Ammonium Hydroxide, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate. 

  The tip as you can see is so fine and precise.  It's like a knife but not really. haha It's so fine it is not just precise but accurate as well, on point! 
This liner comes in one shade: Blackest Black.



                                          Product Swatches: (left-one swipe : right-two swipes)

 This has been the only liquid eye liner I've been using in almost all FOTD's in my blog ever since I converted from Nichido Liquid Eye Liner. :) The difference is massive between the two products, you can kind of expect that just because of the price difference alone. *wink*  Whether you want a fine line or  thick wing (like Denni from Chicmuse) this eyeliner can do both perfectly! 

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner Swatches and Review
Milani Eye Tech Extreme is waterproof.
 It provides a very vibrant black (you can always put black eyeshadow over it to achieve a more subtle black) and the staying power is good enough for daily wear.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner Review
If you're still looking for perfect liquid liners, do give Milani Eye Tech Extreme a try. The applicator is not too firm and not too floppy just perfect stiffness for continuous gliding motion for easy application! 

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner in Blackest Black Review
I  use this liquid liner on the upper lash line and never on the water line. This liner has never irritated my eyes and it washes away very easily with my makeup wipes. It makes the perfect wing very easily and like a pro. Definitely, definitely give this a try if you haven't. :)

Packaging |  The black packaging is so sexy. The applicator is perfect! Perfect for everyday, travel and just everything really.

Price (345 php or $8.5) |  Reasonable price for the ease and quality it gives. The product is not readily available in the Philippines. I bought it here. :)

Recommend |  Yes! This is but the best liquid liner. I would definitely repurchase! :) I won't search for anything better because this is the best. In line with eye liners I might try gel liners someday but I am completely satisfied with this! :)

Rating | 9/10 (whoop whoop!)

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Promise of Elegance - Review

A Jewelry Series Part 4

MATERIAL : Rhinestone
COLOR : Gold
Material: 18K Yellow Gold Plated, Rhinestone Crystal

             -     " is the jewelry online shopping destination! The mission has been to open the world of fashion and fine jewelry to everyone at affordable price. As the one of largest global online retailer of crystal jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, have the jewelry you're searching for!"


Buy it here.

Up for grabs for $8.00. :)


Rings are statement pieces. They contribute a lot to arm swag but not all of them have swag but elegance! When a ring is gold and has shiny stones in it, that is one elegant piece of jewelry! Although my black top is not so elegant but functional, the bejeweled ring brings ooooomph to the whole look. 

                                                               Carla Cee wearing the Rhinestone Crystal Ring:
Bellast Jewelry Ring Review
"Are you in the moment?

Enjoy the process, that is what this is about.." Jewelry Ring Review
"Desire's fuel of life.

Life is hard, it's supposed to be" Ring Review
This is the last installment of "A Jewelry Series" sponsored by, I have been really blessed to have these lovely jewels. Thank you Bellast! 

                        Join my Bellast giveaway and win one of their best-sellers totally for freeJoin here.

Main Website:

Thanks for reading!

Jewelry -
Photography - Carla Cee

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Manicure Mondays : Caronia in White Satin


I find it very easy to make people notice nails, white polishes shines like nothing ever! 

Caronia in White Satin Nail Polish Review


                                   Caronia in White Satin is very much the bomb!

Use 2-3 coats
Apply a topcoat! (This is very essential for clean white flawless nails.)
Give it a good drying time.
Flash it over everyone's faces! (not recommended! lol )


They cost 38.00 php or a dollar! So its pretty much around everyone's price range like any Caronia Nail Polish! Thing is China Glaze, Essie, OPI are not readily available in the Philippines and they are not in my price limit at the moment so Caronia is an instant favorite alternative! (you can experiment with all the colors without being bankrupt)


                                                                 Nature Shots: *wink*
Caronia White Satin Nail Polish and Caronia Kwik Dry Review
                                                            Products used: 
Caronia Nail Polish (White Satin)
Caronia Kwik-Dry 
Manicure Mondays Part I

You really can't go wrong with white, can you?! A nice option for the usual rainbow colors.

Thanks for taking the time to be a part of Manicure Mondays! Ciao! 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Seattle Look Review

I haven't posted a look in a good while but the wait is over and I made this sort of grunge military retro chic look for you. I am always a t-shirt girl and I love everything with swag. I got this shirt from, love their fast and reliable shipping. 

Polo Sneakers

The sneakers are old but I spiced it up by using my new blue shoe laces! Yes, you've seen these polo sneakers from this post before. 

Seattle Camouflage Shirt Look
                                                                      What I am wearing:
                                                                Aupie Seattle Camo Shirt, here
Dresslink Retro Sunglasses, here
Polo Sneakers
Black Skinnies

The shirt says Seattle, personally I would want to visit that place someday well I would want to visit lots of places in that note! *wink* I love how strong the shirt is, it commands attention I believe and it has some military camouflage sleeves going on which I find really cool! 

          I am slowly using the sunglasses in my previous haul post as you can remember.  The sunglasses are from by the way. It adds the retro feel to it, I love retro a lot. With this glasses you can completely stare at your crush without being busted! Win! It has a leopard print on its sides which not very clear on the photos but yes leopard will always have its magic! 

Seattle Camouflage Shirt

    I hope you like that I'm into making looks again, I enjoyed the process of making these photos! Tell me what you think on the comments and please give this look a hype.

See you in Seattle loves. Off to Seattle now. Kidding. Ciao! 

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