Monday, September 16, 2013

3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl

          I received this 3D Glasses from Ingri:Dahl a few weeks back. This particular style was called Popcorn Glasses (how cute)! They are these cute black sunglasses. I love that Ingri:Dahl made them 2 in 1, they serve primarily as 3D glasses for 3D movies or 3D TV and a trendy & fashionable regular sunglasses on its own. Ingri:Dahl ships worldwide so no need to worry about shipping! :) 

            The glasses are very convenient especially if you are the "techie" kind of person and you own a 3D TV in your AV room (posh!). It is just too fun of a thought that the regular 3D Glasses on cinemas have their fashionable version by Ingri:Dahl.

                                                3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl - For 3D Movies and 3D TV - Affordable and Cool

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses

IngriDahl 3D Glasses Review
About Ingri:Dahl: 

                    INGRI:DAHL is a Norwegian label based in Los Angeles that provides moviegoers with stylish alternatives to the cheap, ill-fitting 3D glasses handed to them upon entering the movie theater. We launched in 2011 and received worldwide recognition for our 3D glasses inspired by classic Hollywood designs. With INGRI:DAHL designer glasses you don’t have to sacrifice your style at the movie theater or in front of your 3D TV!  

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses for 3D Movies

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses Review

                                                 "These glasses were featured at The World Premiere of the Great Gatsby 3D Film ." -Ingri:Dahl

IngriDahl Fashionable 3D Glasses

IngriDahl Fashionable 3D Sunglasses

This black popcorn sunglasses is just one of the many trendy ones you can choose in their line. These 3D Sunglasses comes in almost all colors as well! Overall, I love how usable this pair of glasses are! Not to mention, they're so stylish!

IngriDahl 3D Sunglasses for 3D TV

         Did you notice the photos above? They were kind of not coherent-ish? Well, I am a girl and I can't choose with my filters. So, yeah. This sunglasses are just so versatile! Thanks to Ingri:Dahl for sending me these, I now a new fave from my collection! :)

                                            3D Glasses by Ingri:Dahl - For 3D Movies and 3D TV - Affordable and Cool

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The style is special,I also like.

  2. You look so adorable in these great pair of specs hun. Thanks for your kind comment. Wishing you a great start to the week doll!

  3. how cool it that

  4. Haha those glasses are adorable and fashion shirts

  5. these glasses are so cool and useful! :)

    Metallic Paws

  6. cute cute cute cute.... one thousand of cute for you! :D fashion blog miriam stella

  7. These glasses look amazing on you! :D

    xx Mandy

  8. those are soooo trippy! lucky you!:)


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