Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara (Black) Review

Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara

 Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara (here)

Product description:
Catchy Eyes Mascara gives a curve and a cats eye effect to the lashes. The fantastic rubber brush makes the application smooth and easy and separates the lashes delicately. The curve effect will appear after one or two strokes. 

- Product is perfume free and gives curve and definition
- No need for multiple coats 
- Smooth Application 
- Does not clump

GoshCosmetics CatchyEyesMascara
Mascara Wand
Material: Rubber (with a slight inflection at the middle part)
Effect: It is a lengthening mascara and very black.  

 My model is my 30-year old cousin. I love her and she has 100 more lashes than me! *wink*
Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara Swatches

Dramatic changes. The 'Catchy Eyes' title is very true, I believe that when a fly falls from up above your lashes can very much CATCH it. lol It is very lengthening, indeed! 

How it looks when worn: 

Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara in Black Review

Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara (Black) Review

Product name: Gosh Cosmetics Catchy Eyes Mascara
Color: Black
Manufacturer : Gosh Cosmetics Denmark

Catchy eyes Mascara is just one of nine Gosh Cosmetics Mascaras. The wide range makes you choose specific characteristics that you need to be present in your mascara and their is always a mascara perfectly made for you. :)

 I like this Mascara, it works for me and my teeny weeny eyelashes. I have made my farewell to my old mascara and very much happy with this. :)

Final thoughts:

Packaging |  I like the catchy pink packaging that it has. The plastic packaging feels so light and rubber wand is not messy.

Recommend |  Yes, I like this more than my Maybelline Mascara. The rubber wand is unbelievably easier to use! :)

Rating | 8/10 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is exactly what I look for in a mascara! Clump free and more lengthening than volumizing. Seems like a goody!


  2. I saw this recently on an advert and I love the brush! I can definitely see a huge boost on your lashes, they look lovely!

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