Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's Dine! ft. Niners (9rs) Iligan


Photography: Carla Cee *wink*
Model/MUA: Brice Serquina (Potpourri)

I have to say I love Cafes and Restaurants but its very seldom for me to go to these places well at least not yet. There is a certain vibe to these places that I really adore. The designs are carefully thought of, vintage pieces, classic touches, the aroma, its fabulous furniture, the lighting, the overall energy you get, its very liberating almost like a natural high.

Niners Tibanga Iligan
Location: NINERS (9rs) Iligan - San Miguel, Iligan City

(Note: This is an artistic collaboration between two people. The girl in the photo is Ms. Brice Serquina. The blogger Carla Cee plays as the photographer.)


NinersIligan BriceSerquina

It's the perfect combination that makes a set of clothes work. Brice is wearing this lovely top with prints that looks so effortlessly classy. She instantly looks very 'managerial' I say, very formal and presentable. She chose blue jeans that hug her skinny legs very well.

Niners Restaurant Iligan City

Collab 1
Collab 2

We had lasagna and meatballs. The lasagna is very savory to the point where its too good, its always nice. The meatballs are mouth watering too except that I want more sweetness from it which is how Philippine Spaghetti is like, this one is based on European/American parameters which is good nonetheless. Sorry to make your stomachs complain, mine too whilst writing this. *high five* 

Food lovers are the best people they say, I can see why, every time you eat is an experience, an appreciation of life. I must be one of them the moment I can afford to. 

Cheers to food!


  1. Gosh I miss that place. And their spaghetti and meatballs too!

    More pictures please!

  2. you look lovely dear!


  3. Philippine Spaghetti is so amzing! I love it.

  4. of course it is you , alwasy classy & put together ,


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