Friday, May 30, 2014

The Watch Buyers Group - Reward your Hardwork

Show pride in your success with classy accouterments.

         It’s not nice to be boastful.  If you show too much pride in your success, people will start to resent you, but if you show no pride, people won’t respect you at all.  It’s a fine line to walk to exude the appropriate amount of strut, but if you’ve worked hard and been fortunate enough to achieve an element of success that allows you certain comforts in life, you deserve to show off.  A little.  The trick is to find an elegant way to draw attention to yourself, without drawing attention to yourself. 

Get an impeccable suit

         Impeccable and loud are mutually exclusive, so don’t misunderstand me.  The most expensive suit is rarely the classiest, but the classiest suit certainly will cost you a pretty penny.  For those of us who have worked hard to achieve our success, the perfect suit is an appropriate accouterment to our mindset, to our drive and our ambition.  When I wear one of my two favorite suits, I immediately feel more successful and more confidant, which in turn draws people to me and contributes to my success.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The most important step in the process of procuring the right suit, is the tailoring.  Please don’t arrive at a suit store and just walk away without trying it on.  Yes, I realize that trying on clothes is about as desirable as a shark attack, but the smallest shifts in measurement will make or break how you look in your new suit.  Do yourself a favor and get a professional to make it perfect.

The Watch Buyers Group - Suit

A Rolex

          It is part mechanical ingenuity, part breathtaking jewelry, and all a symbol of tact and success.  And it all fits right around your wrist.  Rolex watches have been the absolute standard in timepieces since before your grandfather was born back in the old country.  This long history of perfectionism has instilled a priceless amount of pride and individuality in every single watch.  Also, they are designed for both men and women and will make anyone feel at the top of his game.  To don a Rolex watch is to give yourself a promotion, it is the three piece suit for your hand, it is the emotional support staff that will allow you to walk into that pitch meeting and have your entire audience teetering at the edge of their seats.  If the idea of this is whetting your appetite, check out the watch of your dreams at rolex watch repair los angeles or rolex repair los angeles and be prepared to get inspired. 

The Watch Buyers Group - Rolex

A briefcase

         Not just any briefcase.  Allow yourself to be at your best with an all leather, well made briefcase.  I like one with a shoulder strap rather than a handle, but there are so many options to choose from in a briefcase that you should really do some perusing yourself.  However, any great business bag is a perfect accouterment for the workplace.
The Watch Buyers Group - Briefcase

 The Watch Buyers Group

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  5. wow, guardare tanto di moda e cool.

  6. An elegant way for men is very inportant. every one should find an elegant way.

  7. I love the suit and the watch,look so handsome!

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