Friday, July 4, 2014

Going Silver - Bellast Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection 2014

I can't say silver is the new gold. Nevertheless, silver is eternal.

The pieces I received from are all so stunningly gorgeous! 

Bellast Silver Jewelry 2014

Cheap Diamond Ring - Bellast

Looking like a millionaire in this gorgeous sterling silver ring! Intricate detailing shaped like a sunflower and oooh so sparkly!

Cheap Diamond Ring - Carla Cee

Bellast Silver Jewelry - Diamond Ring

A silver necklace says it all!

Cheap Silver Heart Necklace

Bellast Silver Jewelry - Heart Necklace
              Accessorize your way through 2014. Enrich your looks with something shimmering to jazz up the day. Stunning sterling silver jewelry that are affordable yet gorgeous to improve your style without compromising your budget. With your stable job and hectic career reward yourself with delights of silver and enchanted dazzling pieces! *wink* 

            Thoughts: Bellast Jewelry delivery took a month to reach the post office, the pieces are individually placed in plastic container with the item number and are placed in the usual bubble wrap packaging. Rest assured the pieces are good quality, you can have unlimited choices with their wide array of supplies, cheap and reliable service. 

            Have a lovely day ladies and gentlemen (you might want to give her some sparklies)!!! A little something to spend for some hearts to cheer! TTYS! 
Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring (here)
      Sterling Silver Dangling Couple Heart Necklace (here)


  1. What gorgeous pieces! I absolutely love that ring. It is just beautiful.

  2. Bellast Jewelry is very beautiful,and i also want to have them. You are so lucky

  3. oh wow so beautiful, the ring is super gorgeous.

  4. So beautiful and fashionable! Thank for sharing!
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  5. Sooo nice, I like the rings, so shinny,

  6. :D
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  7. Loving the style! SO nice and classy!
    Nice clothing designer

  8. I love it,and it is so cool., Thanks for your share.

  9. I like the style! Especially when you match it with any Prada products.. so sure to give you the best looks!

  10. great post. love the jewelry so gorgeous. the ring even looks like a engagment ring :)
    you have a really nice blog, very fashionable.
    check out my blog too, maybe we can inspire eachother? or follow, let me know and I will follow back :)

  11. Maybe I should get one for my lovely girl~~ Thanks for shring...

  12. I love the first one, so pretty!

  13. Amazing post! I can't help fallling in love with that ring.


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