Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Most Popular 1920s Dresses

1920s style dresses can still be seen on clothing racks today, characterized by no waist, or drop waist and asymmetrical hemlines to name a few. Overall, dresses of the 1920's carried the free-form look. This is true for both day and evening 1920s Dresses . The most popular fabrics came from the Orient and were very decorative. Of course, there were many other worldwide sources as well.

Some may ask what inspired these designs. They are surprised to learn that it was a combination of the many new dances requiring the wearer to be able to move freely on the dance floor, as well as the need for women to be comfortable at work.

Below are just a few of the most popular 1920s dresses styles. Think "The Great Gatsby," or rent the movie! You'll quickly get an idea of the most popular dress types of this era.

The Bias Cut 

This dress style was famous for its 45-degree angle cut at the major seams. This styling allowed the fabric to drape beautifully in folds and show off the woman's shapes and contours. This style of dress was extremely easy to wear, allowing women to comfortably wear it to work during the day and smoothly transition to dancing the night away at a speakeasy blaring the charlston.

Flapper Dress 

Many of the Flapper dress as the iconic style of 1920's. Some popular brands included:

• Chanel
• Molyneux
• Paquin
The Flapper look has been a popular choice for many attending 1920's themed parties as it was considered the look of the decade. It featured a silhouette that was tubular with a low waistline, also known as a drop-waist. Dresses were often backless and today would be referred to as a chemise - which is a term widely used for lingerie.

The hemline falling below the knee was preferred by most women of the era. The dresses flowed beautifully against their legs as the fabric was airy and light, and the bead work tended to keep it in place just enough. Chiffon, silk, taffeta and even velvet were common fabrics for the Flapper dress.


Finally, the tabard-style dress was more of a straight style that featured inserts in the sides and a low back. Some had very thin straps upon the shoulders just for support. Then a feathered boa or shawl was draped over the shoulders. Some of these dresses even featured intricate beading making them perfect for evening wear.


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