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Punkie Junkie

★~Fun and Unique shoes~★


Lenny Mud

Handmade mugs and other whimsical ceramics

In my handmade pottery shop you will find ceramic mugs, ceramic bowls, ceramic miniatures as well as fine art prints. New handmade pottery added often. I am telling you all this so I can move up in Google's search engine. 

Lenny is the name of my studio cat. I make the pots, Lenny breaks them. This way, I never run out of shelf space.

Lenny is not for sale. Probably Not.



BRIDES - Looking for wedding/bridesmaid jewelry? Discounts available & multiples can be made in any variety of color/style! Worked with over 500 brides in the past year - and I'd love to work with you! I give special attention to detail to every order and will walk with you through the entire process of choosing the ideal jewelry for your girls or for yourself! 

Handmade charm bangles, hair combs, earrings, necklaces, bracelets - bridesmaid jewelry, wedding jewelry!

Main difference between my jewelry and some others: I use 14k gold filled/sterling silver earwires and chain - it is made to last way longer and is perfect for sensitive ears!



earrings,ring, bracelets, necklace

We design and make the most unique and trendy item you have ever seen.


Gold and Silver Linings


All my designs are inspired by sweet dreams.. You can find here handmade fashion Jewelry, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and accessories made with high quality , silver plated, gold filled materials, semi precious gemstones, natural stones and colorful silk cords!



Tea Heritage

Cute Tea Bags

Sweet tea bags that you can personnalised for special occasion.


Les Toiles

All items designed for trendy lifestyle<3

Selling cotton fabric bag,Tote bag,original hand paint bag and print screen bag. 

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Instagram : Lestoiless

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Giddy up,
count your pennies, lace up your dancing shoes and get ready for tattoo tattaa.

Pimp up your leathery hide with our funky temp tattoos and transform
your bleak skin into a lush landscape filled with color and adventure.
It doesn‘t matter if you’re an astronaut on a trek to mars, a bride causing
havoc at her own wedding, or a lonely cave dweller on a one-man party trip.

With the temp tats from tattoo tattaa even the dullest work meetings and
conference calls will be transformed.

It’s easy as pie: spit on it, press the tat tightly to your chosen body part
and peel off the back. Done.
Don’t settle for cheap tramp stamps that go out of fashion before you’ve even
paid your ink slinging artiste.

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